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As a proud partner with the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Center's Medic One program, East Jefferson Fire Rescue benefits from the opportunity to send our paramedic students to one of the premier training programs in the U.S.

Founded in the late 1960's, Medic One was the product of several Seattle visionaries, Gordon Vickery, Chief of the Seattle Fire Department, and Dr. Leonard A. Cobb, a University of Washington cardiologist. Initially focused on bringing advanced life support system to the homes of heart attack victims to improve their chances of survival, the Medic One program introduced the concept that non-physicians could provide high-quality care with remote physician guidance---and save lives.

Today, Medic One's response system of 911, medical dispatch, basic life support, and paramedic advanced life support enjoys an international reputation for innovation and excellence in pre-hospital emergency care. This quality of care depends on the continuing collaboration of several resources, including Harborview Medical Center, the University of Washington, the Medic One Foundation and the enthusiastic participation by regional fire departments, including East Jefferson Fire Rescue.

The year-long, 2,500 hour Medic One training program is intense and thorough---most medic trainees have an average of 200 patient contacts before receiving their certification. The Medic One trainee has 800 patient contacts.

According to Dr. Michael K. Copass, the Medical Director of Seattle Medic One and Director of the Medic One Paramedic Training Program, the program is the model for much of the world. "We regularly host visitors from Australia, Poland, the UK, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Switzerland, France and many other countries."

Dr. Copass says the goal of Medic One training is to take young EMT's and teach them how to think like doctors in certain situations. "It's like building an old Porsche, by hand. The Medic One Foundation allows for this finely crafted, handmade program. And the results speak for themselves."

Medic One graduate Chief Gordon Pomeroy actively solicited EJFR's participation in Medic One when he first came aboard. Today, EJFR has five Medic One paramedic graduates on staff, with another graduating in August, 2012.


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