A wound-up fire hose.

East Jefferson Fire Rescue is a combination career and volunteer department. EJFR currently employs approximately 40 career staff, consisting of firefighter/EMTs and firefighter/paramedics as well as single-role paramedics and EMT’s.

Our volunteer membership is a diverse group of about 35 who serve our community in a wide range of roles. Primarily, we hire from our volunteer and volunteer resident ranks when there is an open position.

Our mission is to make our community safer by protecting lives and property and caring for the needs of the people we serve. We will efficiently and effectively mitigate fire, health and other life safety hazards with a prompt, professional and positive customer experience.

Board of Commissioners

EJFR is governed by an elected board of five Commissioners.

Administration & Personnel

EJFR currently has a full-time staff of 65 with 36 volunteer personnel that serve in various roles.


Volunteer applications are accepted on a rolling basis.