EJFR Board of Fire Commissioners

Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas

In 2019 the citizens of Fire District No. 1 voted to expand the Board of Fire Commissioners from three to five. Following that vote, Commissioner Districts were established and approved by the voters in November. Exact Commissioner District boundaries were established in late 2020. To determine your Commissioner District please visit the searchable map via the Jefferson County Website. Due to the Merge with Fire District #3 in late 2022 we currently have eight Commissioners. Commissioners will drop off when their terms end until we have five Commissioners. The Fire Commissioner District Boundaries were also redrawn post-merge.

The Jefferson County Fire Protection District No. 1 Board of Fire Commissioners meet the third Wednesday of every month. The meeting is held virtually and in-person at East Jefferson Fire Rescue Station 6, 9193 Rhody Drive, Chimacum WA 98325 and typically starts at 6:00 p.m.

The Board of Fire Commissioners is governed by Chapter 52.14 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).

Commissioners District 1

Gene Carmody - Elected 2008, term expires 12/31/2025

Commissioner Carmody is a retired Fire Chief of the Yokusoka, Japan Fire Department. He served as a Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue fire commissioner for more than ten years and has seen the steady population growth in Port Ludlow which has required increased staff and upgraded equipment. Gene is an active member of the Washington Fire Commissioners Association and currently serves on the state Health Care Committee that oversees the statewide self insured insurance program. Gene is active in the community, currently assisting with the Village Council and volunteers as a proof reader for the Port Ludlow Voice. He serves on the fire district’s stategic planning committee and labor/management committee. Gene is married to Kozue and they live in the North Bay area of Port Ludlow.


Ed Davis - Elected 2014, term expires 12/31/2025

Commissioner Davis was appointed as a Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue Commissioner in September 2011. He served as a fire commissioner with District 1 for eight years, giving him an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a commissioner. After moving to Port Ludlow in 2006 Ed resigned his position with district 1. Prior to moving to Jefferson County he lived in Oregon and served in a management position at Tektronix located in Beaverton, Oregon. He has lived in Jefferson County for 28 years. Before retirement he owned and operated Peninsula Insurance Center in Chimacum with his wife, Sara. They have two grown sons.


Glenn Clemens - Elected 2021, term expires 12/31/2027

Glenn Clemens was elected in 2021 to a 6 year term with Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue.

Commissioners District 2

Chair, David Seabrook - Elected 1/1/2020 – term expires 12/31/2025

Commissioner Seabrook began his life-long commitment to the fire service mission in 1983 while living in Sedona, AZ. He completed his paramedic training at the same time he finished a degree in Earth Science from Northern Arizona University in 1987. Upon moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1988, he worked for an ambulance service in the Portland Metro area and started his professional fire service career in 1990. At Vancouver (WA) Fire Department he was an active EMS educator for years and helped implement many innovative programs. His Older Persons Are Important program formed the basis of his MPA degree from WSU in 1998, he also helped develop a nationally accredited Geriatric EMS training program. Promoted to Captain/Paramedic in 1997, he served on VFD’s busiest engine company. He retired in 2014 at the rank of Battalion Chief.

Soon after retirement he sailed down the Columbia River, eventually dropping anchor in 2015 at Port Townsend. He has since become involved in multiple organizations working on community resilience and food system security. He is a volunteer member of the Incident Management Team at Jefferson County’s Department of Emergency Management. He and his wife Karen are avid gardeners and reside in Chimacum.

Commissioner District 3

Steve Craig - Elected Nov. 2021, term expires 12/31/2027

Steve Craig has been a resident of Jefferson County since 1977. He graduated from Port Townsend High School in 1982 and went into the construction industry working various trades. Eventually, he became an electrician and operated an electrical contracting business with his father in the greater Port Townsend area for over 15 years. Concurrently, Steve volunteered for Port Townsend Fire Department from 1990 – 1994 and was hired by The City of Bothell Fire Department where he retired in 2020 as a Lieutenant after 25 years.

Commissioner District 4

Geoffrey Masci - Appointed Feb. 2020, term expires 12/31/2029
Commissioner Masci was appointed to the Board of Commissioners in January of 2020 and again in 2024. He previously served on the City Council for the City of Port Townsend.

Commissioner District 5

Vice Chair, Deborah Stinson - Elected Nov. 2021, term expires 12/31/2027

Deborah Stinson moved to Jefferson County in 2003 after thirty years of management and technology experience in a variety of sectors. She was honored to receive the 2011 Jefferson County Heart of Service Award for the positive community impact of her volunteer work in emergency preparedness, facilitation of residents’ investment in small business, and through her leadership role in Local 20/20.  Deborah was elected in 2012 and 2016 to serve on Port Townsend City Council and was chosen twice by her peers to serve as Mayor. For the duration of that eight-year tenure, she served on the EJFR Oversight Board, the Jeffcom Administrative Board, the Department of Emergency Management’s Incident Management Team, in addition to other countywide and regional boards.